Review May 2015 by Mark


Review May 2015

Mark says …Date published: May 5, 2015 at 5:13 pm

Review May 2015 posted on website Scarlet Blue

Recently I spent some time with this beautiful lady Grace Jones. It ended up to be one very memorable day that I spent with Grace.

When I arrived at her apartment I was greeted by one very spectacular young lady standing at the door wearing a very beautiful purple dress that looked so Gorgeous on her. I was stunned how Sexy she looked in it!

She let me in and gave me a passionate kiss to say hello again – I then I surprised her with some red roses and milk chocolate’s that she loves. Grace was so happy to see me again and was very happy to get those gifts from me.

We moved to the couch and passionately kissed and talked for a while. Then she said it was time we move to the bedroom for some fun. Grace could not wait to get my clothes off again and I could not wait to see what gorgeous lingerie she had on underneath that hot purple Dress again. I helped her remove the dress and I was stunned as she had on some very sexy lingerie. It was purple and black from memory that suited her so well and it hugged that gorgeous body of hers. She looked so beautiful in it and she has such a Gorgeous petite body that I love xx

Then we moved to have a quick shower and went back to bedroom to have some very sexy fun with each other she started to kiss me again and her hands started to wonder and then Grace started to help herself to my manhood. I then ended up on the bed and she was soon on top of me riding me like mad. This went on for a couple of hours – we explored each other’s bodies, changed positions a couple of times and kissed and cuddled and talked for a while. We then had something to eat on the couch then it was back for round two.

Grace then tied me up to the bed and blindfolded me. The rest of that next hour was just a blur the way she teased me drove me wild I loved every minute of it. And all the other naughty things she was doing to me, I loved every minute of it.

We went and had a shower together and then had to get dressed. Then our time was up and I had to say my best wishes and good bye to her.

Grace is amazing in the bedroom and she certainly knows how to spoil you. She is so passionate at what she does and if you treat her like a lady she will take you to heaven with love.

All I can say is that I had the time of my life with her that day and spending those four hours was the perfect way to end my busy week.

Grace is a very Sweet, Gorgeous, Beautiful, Stunning, Elegant, Captivating, and Sensual Lady. To top it off she has a Beautiful Personality and is very easy to talk to. She also has some very beautiful blue eyes as well and very sexy blonde hair.

Grace, I just like to thank you so much for the Sexy fun we had together.

It was my pleasure spending those four beautiful hours with your beautiful company. It was an absolute pleasure to spend time with you and it was one of my greatest days I have had with you – thank you gorgeous.

I can’t wait until our next sexy adventure – see you soon.

Love Mark xxx

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