Escort Review by Andrew – October 2015

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Escort Review

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Not sure I read that right? Grace Jones is coming to Adelaide. Surely I must be dreaming? Well no I wasn’t, it was true. Well Emails were quickly exchanged, date set appointment time made and confirmed, anticipation sets in (and my nerves)

OK to wind back the clock a bit. Grace and I connected on social media quiet sometime back. I loved the selfies Grace posts on her twitter account. I very much liked what I saw. As everyone knows a picture paints a thousand words, but our conversations and chats nailed it for me. This was a lady I just had to meet. Ever since then, I have tried to plan a trip to Sydney for the express purpose of fulfilling that dream

So was I happy Grace was visiting Adelaide. Ecstatic, delighted overjoyed would describe my feelings.

Well the appointed evening arrived, and after receiving instructions from Grace, I knocked on her hotel door. Well, the door opened and my eyes fell upon Grace I think time stood still. Before me stood a petite beautiful stunning blonde beautifully dressed with a smile that lit up her already beautiful face. I had brought along a couple of small things for Grace and some wine to share. We shared wine, and chatted before grace suggested we head to the bedroom.

Once Grace slipped out of her dress, my eyes were treated to an optic feast, Perfection. Exploration of which commenced immediately. No details more than that sorry. We had fun and lots of it. Time flew past.

Let’s say I am a little smitten by Grace. Grace is everything I had hoped for and much much more, beauty, intelligence, and dare I say it Grace.

Tentative planning is already underway for our next meeting. If I can arrange it, it may include a culinary adventure that Grace & I have discussed some time back and would love to do for her.

Grace. I thank you for the opportunity to finally meet you, and hopefully this is just the beginning.

Andrew, October 2015
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