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Escort Review

Escort Review

Keith says …Date published: July 27, 2015 at 1:52 pm

Escort review posted on Scarlet Blue website in July 2015 by Keith

A PEACEFUL EASY MEETING with all due respect to the Eagles this pretty much describes my latest meeting with Grace Jones.

I first met Grace in late 2014. and having enjoyed such a wonderful. but too short an experience, with her it was only natural that on my next visit to Sydney I would arrange a follow up meeting.

Grace’s professionalism and attention to client service was to the fore when my initial mail was answered promptly and the time and place of our meeting was confirmed with the minimum of fuss plus a few tacit and alluring promises from Grace about how much fun we would have and how much she was looking forward to our time together. I arrived at our meeting place and a soon as the door opened I was again entranced by those beautiful blue eyes and that cheeky smile. I was immediately hugged and enjoyed a welcoming kiss from Grace who appeared very happy to see me. In public Grace exudes both refinement and class and always presents herself beautifully. Tonight, however she had excelled herself and the tight fitting dress accentuated her slim figure to perfection and from that moment on I knew our meeting would be very special.After opening a wine we settled on the lounge and chatted about the events in our lives since last we met. Grace’s service offering is personalised to the client and it is during these moments that I believe we see the true value of Grace’s personality and ability to seamlessly raise expectations and anticipation levels. The talk may be mundane but it is interspersed with some hugs and light kissing, all reminders that there is more in store later in the evening.

In requesting our meeting I had asked if Grace she would feel comfortable watching a movie and with her agreement we settled down to watch my movie of choice. Grace was the perfect companion for this activity. I could feel myself becoming more relaxed and settled a the movie progressed This time was spent with the occasional small talk (often with an innuendo) but lots of kisses and intimate cuddling which gradually grew more passionate and intense as the movie progressed. A theme that was to set the scene for the rest of the evening.

The movie over it was time to take our meeting to the next level. It was with some regret that Grace removed her dress as she really did look so beautiful in it but my disappointment was short lived as Grace was revealed in some of the most classy and beautifully designed lingerie I will ever see. Grace prides herself on her lingerie and there is no doubt it achieved the required effect on me.

We made our way to the bedroom and next few hours were simply magical. Grace is the consummate courtesan and we shared many memorable moments together. For me it was the culmination of a process that Grace had intended from the moment we had first exchanged mails Each stage of our meeting had built up an expectation of the next until there was only one possible conclusion.

Despite having an extended booking the time was up way too soon and Grace gave me some farewell kisses and hugs to see me on my way. I left feeling very fulfilled that our meeting, had been even better than I could have anticipated and that I had been given the opportunity to spend some quality time with a very special lady.

In looking back at out meeting I have nothing but admiration for the way Grace was able to seamlessly use her personality, friendly nature and discrete style to lead the meeting from simple beginnings to its ultimate conclusion. Each step in our meeting was a natural progression. It was not rushed or forced. It happened because it was the natural thing to happen at that particular time. It is as close to what a Girl Friend Girlfriend Experience can be in this environment.

Grace is really such wonderful company. She has the ability to entice, seduce and tease before leading you to the most intense of erotic pleasures. For Grace (and myself) the journey is very much as important as the destination. Grace’s physical charms are matched by a cheerful and willing personality and mindset that relaxes you from the moment you meet. Grace leaves you in no doubt that for all the time you are with her you are the full focus of her attention.

Spending time with Grace is always a special experience but to my mind I feel that to really fully appreciate the services Grace has to offer requires a longer booking so that you may just relax and allow Grace to take you on a journey of intimate pleasure as only she can.

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