Dreamgirl….Review September 2015 by S

Dreamgirl - Review


S says …Date published: September 2, 2015 at 5:49 pm

Dreamgirl….Review posted on Scarlet blue website.

Well, where do I start? Beautiful girl next door, perfect toned petite figure, smart, fun, engaging personality, and a deep commitment to your personal satisfaction and pleasure. A girlfriend to top all girlfriends, with a hint of the wanton lustful vixen to boot. Unlikely you ask? Reads like an advert for the Dreamgirl??…..

….Yes indeed, but it also describes aptly the wonderful Gracie Jones. Having seen Gracie several times now I find myself entranced. Such is the potent combination of her beauty, demeanour and sexual prowess. Time spent with her whizzes by way too fast. In her case parting truly is “such sweet sorrow”.

A typical, but always special, encounter commences with wine and nibbles, friendly banter with genuine interest, wide open mouthed laughs, a caring caress here and there and then gentle kisses, quickly becoming more fevered. Clothes fall to the floor. Bodies explored and tasted skilfully before penetration in many positions. Orgasms galore. A devilish glint in the eye as she grinds hard above you in cowgirl – a favourite for her. Tongue gently exploring the recesses of your mouth as you move slowly inside her in missionary. A powerful return thrust as you pound away in doggie. An insatiable appetite for more. Given freely and happily. Do I need say more?

Our latest encounter included a beautiful friend. It became evident quickly that her skills extend to her own fair sex. I am all for gender balance, or in this case, imbalance. The eroticism as she french kissed her friend, stroked her body, lapped her clitoris and wrapped her legs around her as she trembled with her own orgasm was, to say the least, of the highest octane.

I could go on, but I realise that I am quietly torturing myself. My heart says she is mine. My head says she is the worlds. And hence this note.

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